Sibila d.o.o.

PR & marketing

In addition to our core activities at Sibila d.o.o. - representation of satellite programmes – we also deal with public relations and promotional marketing activities.

Furthermore, we assure our business partners efficient support at launching new channels and consolidating recognisability of already existing television programmes. We realize that the presence in the media contributes to the (overall) awareness, which is a good basis not only to achieve more effective results but to penetrate the market more successfully as well.

We offer:

  •     Designing and preparing the strategies for the communication with various publics
  •     Informing  the public about new television programmes and other news
  •     Publications of notices within different media
  •     Good relations with the media landscape moulders

Moreover, we have good experience in organising promotional and marketing events and take care of wide media coverage. We believe that it is not enough for our guests merely to attend the event! We want them to enjoy them and thus respond to our invitation again!

We organise:

  •     Press conferences
  •     Overall events for the representatives of the media
  •     Promotional prize competitions